Dog walking group?

13 07 2010

Would any other dog walkers be interested in trialling a dog walking group. The intention is to help build a sense of community within this group, for  dog walkers on the common to feel safer and dogs and people to get more exercise. Benefits include:

  • The dogs get more exercise by playing together.
  • Dogs and people get more social contact than walking around alone.
  • People, especially lone women, will feel safer walking around the common in a group particularly as nights draw in.

Groups would meet at designated places, for example the One Stop Shop, at certain times with the times and places arranged to suit the people walking to begin with. Please leave comments below or email:




4 responses

19 07 2010

What a wonderful idea, I would love to attend.


20 07 2010

We have been chatting to other dog walkers and there does seem to be interest in the idea.

So the next question is when would people like to meet initially

weekdays or weekends?
daytime or evenings?

25 07 2010

Sounds like a good idea, I’d be interested. I’d prefer weekdays, day or evenings….

4 08 2010

Hi All,
From tomorrow (Thursday 5th August 2010) we will meet on Sandlings Open Space (the area by the water tower, where the goal posts are) at 3pm on weekdays during the school holidays, weather permitting.

Come along and let your dog play.

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