Broadlands Walk

24 10 2010

There is a great route from Bixley to the Hospital and Ipswich that started from Broadlands Way and ends up on Heath Road. It’s isn’t marked at all at either end so I thought it might be worth describing this excellent cycling and walking route. If you cycle do of course be thoughtful about others and take care on the narrower paths. I am not aware that it even has a name, so I have named it Broadlands Walk and I have even ‘put it one the map’.

Broadlands Way path entrance

Here is a map of the route – with the photo locations shown as dots.

Broadlands Way - Heath Road map

The path immediately feels pretty rural.

Path from Broadways Way

out onto Sandlings open space.

Looking out on Sandlings open space

Straight across and into the woods.

Into the woods

through a glade…

A glade

Across a fairway – check for golfers

Across a golf fairway

Though another section of wood and out onto the heath with the hospital visible in the distance.

Looking out onto the heath

Across the Heath

In the middle of the heath

Along Heath Walk toward Heath Road

Looking towards Heath Road

Personally I avoid Heath Road and cut along what I call the ‘Police Station Path’, getting across this annoying log which has been placed here for ‘Elf and Safety’ reasons. Read my blog post about it.

The Elf and Safety log by the first green

And out onto the Heath Road service road.

Looking out from the Police Station Path

Not a bad commuting route. And the transport minister is talking about ‘not forcing people out of their cars‘ oh dear.




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