Big muddy puddles on Heath Walk

27 10 2010

It is now Autumn and when it rains Heath Walk becomes one long line of muddy puddles. I will email the committee and ask them if they have any plans to improve this important and well used path?

Approaching Heath Road on Heath Walk

And another by the ninth tee this time

Heath Walk by the ninth tee

Here is another view of the same place

By the ninth tee again

This section has got badly rutted.

Deep ruts

All I ask is that the main ‘commuting’ paths across the heath are in as good a condition as the paths provided by the golf course for the golfers so that people can walk to work or to school without having to use walking boots!

Here is a path by the first green when it was newly laid and before it had gone hard. I was told that they used a mixture of sea shells and stone chippings that goes hard once it has got wet.

This would be nice!

The path is now completely hard and dry

The new path around the first green

I have already blogged about the money the County Council offered recently to improve this path and how the offer was ‘resisted’ by the commoners committee and was then withdrawn. Hopefully the commoners committee have set some money aside to do something themselves. Notice the blocked Police Station Path in the above picture which is another story.




One response

9 11 2010
Terry Gooding

I applaud your efforts on your website. The Heath Walk does need looking at and it might be the time to order in some Waldringfield Crag to see if this improves the muddy situation. In order to clarify the situation, a small donation was made by SCC, but the main offer of financial assistance was from the HLF and this had to be refunded as popular mandate voted against. In Evening Star tonight 9/11/10 a photograph appears featuring the heath, dated 1949, the same view can be seen today. Regards Terry

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