Dobbs Lane – A very dangerous crossing point

31 10 2010

I have been concerned about the point where the bridleway that heads out east from Rushmere Common crosses Dobbs Lane. Today I was driving up Dobbs Lane to check out the drivers eye view. The point at which this photo is taken is in a unrestricted speed zone. Notice that the 30mph speed limit sign on the right is almost completely obscured and that there is no warning that there may be people crossing the road ahead.

right hand sign obscured

I stopped the car in a lay-by, walked back with some loppers I had in the car and cur the branches back. I also noticed that both the poles were loose in the ground and were leaning outwards. I pushed them back into position and went back to see what it looked like afterwards.

Signs more visible afterwards

I then went back to the footpath and timed how much warning one had of an approaching car. The answer was 2.9 seconds. This is the view from the pavement.

2.9 seconds from the car coming into view and being at this point

Just to reinforce the point, I noticed this front bumper that had obviously come off a car at the base of the 30mph sign

Signs of an earlier accident? - bit of a car by the 30mph sign

On my way home I passed this sign. I think we need one at that crossing point. I would also recommend cutting back the undergrowth to increase the view around the blind corner.

This is the sort of signage that is needed

The crossing is on this map just to the north of the bend on Dobbs lane where the bridleway (in green) approaches from the left and the footpath leaves to the right (in red).

I will forward a link to the council and keep you posted!


Nothing has happened, so I have now put a request onto Fixmystreet.





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