Have we all become toothless tigers?

31 10 2010

Have we all become toothless tigers? I cycled across Rushmere Common this afternoon and was then continuing along the bridleway at the north side of Foxhall Heath when I came across this birch tree that had fallen across the path. According to a person just ahead of me who was lifting her bike over it, the obstruction had been there for about three weeks. How many people must have climbed over it, carried bike over it or turned round because their wheel-chair couldn’t get over it? Loads of people. How many people had done something about it? No-one!

This tree had been across the path for about three weeks

I came back with a bow-saw and in less than 5 minutes the path was clear and I had a load of fire-wood to take back home to dry out ready for next winter.

After five minutes work the path was cler again

Someone once commented that “We all complain about the ‘Nanny State’ until we want Nanny”. Well… given the mood music from the politicians at present, I think we will be waiting longer and longer for her to show up. Possibly we are just going to have to get better at sorting things out for ourselves.




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