Clearing Boundary Walk

12 11 2010

Greenways Countryside Project who manage the Sandlings Open Space have been clearling Boundary Walk today. Check the maps page to see where these are. They are doing this primarily to create a fire access route, but are in the process are creating a range of new habitats. Initially this includes a more open ‘glade’ along the path, however as the cut oaks regrow they will turn into a coppice of young oak. The thicker timber stacked up to the sides of the path together with the smaller dead brushwood ‘hedges’ good habitat for invertebrates. These hedges also provide nesting places for birds and provides some protection to the area beyond from dogs.┬á This range of habitat contrasts well with the high mature oak canopy beyond.

Clearing Boundary Path

Boundary path 2

The Greenways Countryside Project is a partnership supported by:

  • Babergh District Council;
  • Ipswich Borough Council;
  • Suffolk Coastal District Council;
  • Suffolk County┬áCouncil.

The people working on the project include some paid staff, volunteers and trainees.