Clearing Boundary Walk

12 11 2010

Greenways Countryside Project who manage the Sandlings Open Space have been clearling Boundary Walk today. Check the maps page to see where these are. They are doing this primarily to create a fire access route, but are in the process are creating a range of new habitats. Initially this includes a more open ‘glade’ along the path, however as the cut oaks regrow they will turn into a coppice of young oak. The thicker timber stacked up to the sides of the path together with the smaller dead brushwood ‘hedges’ good habitat for invertebrates. These hedges also provide nesting places for birds and provides some protection to the area beyond from dogs.¬† This range of habitat contrasts well with the high mature oak canopy beyond.

Clearing Boundary Path

Boundary path 2

The Greenways Countryside Project is a partnership supported by:

  • Babergh District Council;
  • Ipswich Borough Council;
  • Suffolk Coastal District Council;
  • Suffolk County¬†Council.

The people working on the project include some paid staff, volunteers and trainees.

Have we all become toothless tigers?

31 10 2010

Have we all become toothless tigers? I cycled across Rushmere Common this afternoon and was then continuing along the bridleway at the north side of Foxhall Heath when I came across this birch tree that had fallen across the path. According to a person just ahead of me who was lifting her bike over it, the obstruction had been there for about three weeks. How many people must have climbed over it, carried bike over it or turned round because their wheel-chair couldn’t get over it? Loads of people. How many people had done something about it? No-one!

This tree had been across the path for about three weeks

I came back with a bow-saw and in less than 5 minutes the path was clear and I had a load of fire-wood to take back home to dry out ready for next winter.

After five minutes work the path was cler again

Someone once commented that “We all complain about the ‘Nanny State’ until we want Nanny”. Well… given the mood music from the politicians at present, I think we will be waiting longer and longer for her to show up. Possibly we are just going to have to get better at sorting things out for ourselves.

Big muddy puddles on Heath Walk

27 10 2010

It is now Autumn and when it rains Heath Walk becomes one long line of muddy puddles. I will email the committee and ask them if they have any plans to improve this important and well used path?

Approaching Heath Road on Heath Walk

And another by the ninth tee this time

Heath Walk by the ninth tee

Here is another view of the same place

By the ninth tee again

This section has got badly rutted.

Deep ruts

All I ask is that the main ‘commuting’ paths across the heath are in as good a condition as the paths provided by the golf course for the golfers so that people can walk to work or to school without having to use walking boots!

Here is a path by the first green when it was newly laid and before it had gone hard. I was told that they used a mixture of sea shells and stone chippings that goes hard once it has got wet.

This would be nice!

The path is now completely hard and dry

The new path around the first green

I have already blogged about the money the County Council offered recently to improve this path and how the offer was ‘resisted’ by the commoners committee and was then withdrawn. Hopefully the commoners committee have set some money aside to do something themselves. Notice the blocked Police Station Path in the above picture which is another story.