good news, the paths may be getting some TLC

1 01 2011

I have just noticed, rather belatedly, that the clerk of the commoners’ committee commented on my blog post back in late November about the state of Heath Walk and said “The Heath Walk does need looking at and it might be the time to order in some Waldringfield Crag to see if this improves the muddy situation”. Sounds great and sorry for not approving the comment a month ago. I spoke to him on the phone today and he still sounded positive.

I comments that Gleneagles Walk (which links Gleneagles Drive and Heath Road) is also in urgent need of similar attention. This route is very well used by pupils of Copleston School, by staff at the hospital and others and it would be great if they could arrive at their destination not covered in mud!

Mud glorious mud along Gleneagles Walk!

A muddle puddle that is hard to avoid on Gleneagles Walk!

Snow returns

1 01 2011

With the early return of snow this year the common predictable turned white! We did however notice the stark contrast between the white snow and the blacked trunks of the oaks in the area that was burnt during the summer.

Heath Walk in the snow

Oak tree trunk in the snow

Looking up into one of the oak trees