Get involved

The most important way to get involved is to get out onto the common and enjoy it, either on foot possibly with a dog, a child or two, some golf clubs or even a bicycle (if you are a considerate cyclist that is!).

To help keep the common in a good condition some people carry carrier bags with them to pick up the rubbish that less helpful people drop! If you see people acting in anti-social ways then consider reporting what you have seen to the committee with any supporting evidence. Arson is a big problem of the heath so please report any information you have on who might be responsible.

In relation to this blog we have a few suggestions:-

Read the blog!: You can either just remember to look at it from time to time or better still you can set up a ‘blog reader’ and subscribe to the blog and then new posts will automatically be available to you.

Tell your friends: We need to get this blog off to a storming start – do tell your friends, email them a link or take a note about it into school or where-ever.

Upload photographs: If you have got some good interesting photographs of the common then please upload them to the Rushmere Common Flickr group and they may even appear on this blog! Do please consider releasing your photos using a creative commons license which allows others to re-produce your photos in other places.

Leave comments: Do please leave helpful comments on blog posts, blog pages or photo pages. Others will then be able to read your contributions.

Join the editorial team!: Why not join the editorial team and get to write your own blog posts; if you are interested then please email me at petermiller63 [at] googlemail [dot] com and tell me what you would like to write about.

2 responses

1 10 2010

I just wondered if anyone had any information about the possible bungalow that is going to be built directly near the footpath that leads onto Brendon Drive, Rushmere.
This will potentially mean that there will be builders etc lorries going onto the track making it both dangerous and unpleasant to walk along the path to reach the common. Apparently they should access the land from Bodmin Close, however the bungalow to the right of the track always accesses their property from Brendon Drive so I cannot see that this will be any different for this property. Apparently a post was put up from Brendon Drive to the track but was removed within days.

10 02 2014
ian bliss

I am keen to find out more information about joining the Rushmere Common committee as I am a keen dog walker and would not wish to lose this lovely provision.

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